Hello, dear people,
workers of different spheres of business (business).

We present you the new draft Explore the world of all!, Which is relevant to different areas of business. And sent from one side to meet the needs of consumers, and with another - as an aid in the development and growth for our cooperating businesses. We can help you meet your clients in the future fans and admirers. Through the efforts of the team "Explore the world of all!" Your business will receive new customers.

Advertising stands "Explore the world is!" Located in the checkout area stores at gas stations. Dressings, in turn, well located in central cities in Ukraine and close to major transport interchanges. The average monthly shops at filling stations visited by more than 1 million drivers and passengers of vehicles.

Our objective - to provide information support to shoppers on the main issues of concern to the majority: where to eat much, get the necessary services to buy the necessary goods, entertainment and recreation, hotels and apartments. Perhaps, our proposal not true for you, but maybe we can be helpful for the business development of your friends, relatives or acquaintances.


10 commandments for good advertising

1. Take a closer look to your customer.
2. Remember that the brand generates business process.
3. Learn how to work with a creative brief.
4. Realize that any advertising - advertising brand.
5. Show simple human emotions and relationships.
6. Possess a sense of style.
7. Go ahead and look, as the leader of its industry.
8. Integrate your brand into our daily lives.
9. Provide a consistent style of presentation.
10. Be your partner in an advertising agency.

Competitors benefits

- Spot coverage necessary for you target audience - the information falls into the hands of the customer is interested

- The use of information materials for various activities - discounts or bonuses, which greatly increase the interest of potential customers in your card or flyer

- Average number of visitors (potential customers) - 15 000 people a day

- A wide network of distribution of information about your company in 15 filling stations "LUKOIL", Kyiv

- A bright, attractive stand design and convenient location near the gas station cashier